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Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale release date potentially revealed in-game

Warzone could be here in a matter of days, according to the latest Modern Warfare easter eggs

The latest set of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch notes may have snuck in the Warzone release date for Infinity Ward's upcoming battle royale mode, suggesting the heavily rumoured addition will be landing within the space of a few days' time.

Yesterday's update brought a new map, Bazaar, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and players have already discovered an interesting Easter egg within its borders; a blank map with the date "03/03" (March 3) underneath.

That date aligns with previous reports about Warzone's impending launch, which is said to be releasing some time in early March, starting from next week. March 3, as it happens, is a Tuesday, which is typically the day of the week which Infinity Ward rolls out its various updates to the game, lending further credence to the implications of this latest discovery.

Interestingly enough, Modern Warfare's menu has also been updated with the latest patch, as MP1st reports a "Transmission Incoming" screen has been added to the "Classified" section found on its main menu, suggesting Infinity Ward is close to lifting the curtain on whatever hides behind it.

There have, of course, been plenty of leaks pretty much confirming that Modern Warfare battle royale is on the way, with rumours suggesting it'll also launch as a separate, free-to-play download for anyone who doesn't own the base version of Infinity Ward's rebooted shooter.

If March 3 really is Warzone's release date, and it's certainly looking likely, then we'll almost definitely be hearing more within the next week.

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